About Expo

About the Expo

We work with the sponsors and exhibitors in understanding their objectives of exhibiting and deliver the right visitors mix through various marketing campaign. Your success is our most important organizing objective and we look forward to working with you as partners in your success drive. Talk to us about your Goals and Objectives of participation and allow us to apply our experience and contacts to make the most rewarding trade fair experience.


Traditional consumer banking in Pakistan has witnessed offrings, which encourage savings and personal finance to improve one’s standard of living including car and home finance options.


The Corporate Banking group works with the customer in understanding their often-complex business needs and suggests comprehensive and integrated solutions that meet their requirements. Corporate banking services in Pakistan catering to the domestic and overseas needs of small, medium and large Corporate by offering a wide range of personalized corporate finance ranging from traditional working capital finance to project finance will have the opportunity to meet face to face new and existing customers.


This area of the exhibition encourages Investment in stocks through the initiatives of the authorities, regulators and brokers. It also aims to educate and inform investors on options and the advantages of investing in the development of non-oil economy of Pakistan.


It is estimated that the market potential of Digital Finance Services in Pakistan will cross US$ 36 Billion by 2025, providing a 7% boost to the GDP, creating 4 million new jobs and resulting in US$ 263 Billion new deposits.4 This potential can only be achieved through a robust and efficient DFS ecosystem. Though Pakistan possesses a nascent DFS ecosystem, in order to tap in to its potential, innovative solutions by Fin Techs hold the opportunity to leverage the existing enabling regulations and market developments and help Pakistan leapfrog in to the next generation of digital financial services. It is clear that a vision of a technologically advanced, financially inclusive ecosystem cannot be achieved without the use of technologically innovative financial systems and solutions that give access of financial services to each and every citizen in the country without any limitations. The end goal is to use Digital Payments to make markets so inclusive, that even small entrepreneursin Pakistan.


The Pakistani economy is witnessing a significant development in all sectors spearheaded by diversification programs, low interest and modest inflation rates. The spurt in international oil prices, increased exports, major thrust on tourism and real estate and increased focus towards the private sector have contributed enormously towards Pakistan becoming a favored and favorable investors’ destination.


E-commerce globally is the way forward and is growing at a very fast rate involving people day to day corporate and personal transactions. It has evolved as a necessity rather than a lifestyle. This section of the exhibition will display services and solutions to enable a safe and secure future.